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Manifesting Out of Love

A channeled message:

Anything that you create, do so out of love, not fear. Do not make your aim to “protect against” something but, rather, to move towards joy, freedom, and love. Embody these essences as free choice, rather than perceived necessity. It is much more fun to manifest from a place of joy than a place of fear or doubt, and it is so much easier too. Manifestations of desired outcomes flow freely when they are unencumbered by feelings of uncertainty. Be certain in the glorious processes and outcomes to come, and so they shall be.

Timing is about cosmic and personal alignment. When your energy is clear from blocks to your desires, when it is free from resistance, the universe conspires to put everything into place. Everything that your heart desires is already a reality, it is already a blueprint ready and awaiting your permission. How do you grant that permission? See your desired future and hold it in its place. This does not mean to become attached to it but, rather, certain of the structure and foundation that already exists to hold your desired manifestations in place. These glorious manifestations can appear in different ways, but the essence of your desires is always there, and the means and the outcomes will always be in your highest good, for you and all concerned.

So do not rush the process out of impatience. Everything materializes in its own perfect time and space. Remember, space-time is a 3D phenomenon, but it is not all there is. In the higher dimensions there is just “isness.” Everything already exists in its energetic and potential form. The manifestation of it into the physical realm is simply the smallest portion, the end result of a much more dynamic and engaged process over which you have control through your conscious intent.

You are a master creator that is guided and loved and directed joyously by the higher realms of Divine assistance and love. Trust in yourself and in your connection to Source, for you are one with Source energy, which is also one with all of the fabric of the quantum field from which manifestation springs.

Now is the time for collecting knowledge and resources. It is the learning process before the creation of those learnings. Remember that this is part of the fun. It is about the journey as much as it is about the outcome or destination, but even when reaching the destination and manifesting the outcome, there is always another joyous desire and journey on which to embark. Such is life, and therein lies the fun in it. So, do not rush to “finish.” Enjoy the process and make that the goal for now. The rest of the pieces will line up for you in perfect Divine time and order.

Your resources are joyous and safe, they are secured. So do not rush into hasty decisions out of fear of uncertainty. Trust that all is well.

Know that even if it appears sometimes that you are starting from scratch, understand that this is never truly the case. You have accumulated knowledge and a higher wisdom that is always contributing and building upon itself. In fact, it is because of your background that the next phase of your joyous experiences and manifestations can occur.

See life as a fun adventure, with lots of layers of experiences and new adventures on which to embark. Reinventing yourself based on your evolution as sprit and human is natural and intended. Do not fear losing what you have already done and accomplished. See it as building upon the foundation. Just like remodeling a house, building additions, or even taking things down to the frame and building up again, the foundation is always solid, and your knowledge accumulates to make the next steps even easier and smoother for you.

Always check in with yourself and ask, “What does my heart want right now?” This will tell you the direction in which you ought to go. Your soul speaks to you in joy and passion. So, if you feel a calling or an interest emerge, follow through on it with full confidence. It doesn’t matter if it pans out the way you initially hoped because it will always lead you perfectly to where you need to be and what you need to do. Each step counts in the journey. And each step takes you one step closer to your desired outcome. Trust the process and don’t get too ahead of yourself, as that can create doubt and hesitation, as well as stagnation and procrastination. Don’t talk yourself out of your passions and desires. Don’t be intimidated by what you perceive as starting from scratch. Just take the first step, and know that it will joyously lead you to the next and the next, and so on and so on.


Questions to ask:

What do you want to impart on the world?

What does your soul want to experience?

What do you want your legacy to be?

How do you want to live your life?

What makes you feel passionate?

What excites you?

What is your definition of freedom?

How can you turn your passion into a joyous manifestation?

Do not fear changing your direction. Just go with the flow through which your soul is carrying you.


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