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Preparing For Our Desires to Manifest

We all have dreams and desires, right? But what too many of us fail to realize is that we do not need to wait for anything specific to happen in order to start enjoying the process to getting to where we want to be.

You see, often when we have what may seem like a “far-off” goal or desire, we tend to put off thinking about it too much because we don’t know how, when, or even, if it will appear. We tell ourselves that it’s not very practical to think about something so “farfetched,” so we put it on the backburner, or we dismiss it altogether. Maybe we tell ourselves that when “this or that” happens, that's when we will start to think more about what we want, i.e., we set conditions for ourselves for when we think we are “allowed” to start processing the details. But maybe we don’t actually have to wait after all.

But you might think that you do have to wait. Like maybe you want to buy your dream home but you don’t dare think about it until you have the money in place to do so. Perhaps you want to take your dream vacation but you don’t dare focus on any of the details until you have the free time and funds to use. But what if the manifesting process actually requires you to be more imaginative right now? What if the very manifestation of your desire actually depends on your actions right here, right now, in this very moment?

I guarantee that if we look for them, we will most certainly find all sorts of reasons and excuses for why “now isn’t the right time.” Perhaps our fear of disappointment is what stops us from taking our dreams to the next level. Or maybe we don’t actually believe that it is possible to be, do, or have that which we desire the most. As a result, our dreams and desires tend to stay in fantasy mode as something that we daydream about or escape to when perhaps things get too rough in our day-to-day. Yet, if we want to give our goals and desires their best shot, at some point we are going to have to turn our fantasy into more of a reality.

There is a term in French that represents food preparation before cooking a meal. As cited in Wikipedia: “Mise en place is a French culinary phrase which means ‘putting in place’ or ‘everything in its place.’ It refers to the setup required before cooking, and is often used in professional kitchens to refer to organizing and arranging the ingredients that a cook will require for the menu items that are expected to be prepared during a shift.”

So, how does this relate to the topic at hand? Well, just like preparing all of the ingredients before cooking a dish, we can just as easily take preparatory steps towards our desires in the expectation of their arrival. You see, when we prepare for what’s to come, and we take the steps necessary with full intention of manifesting great results, we not only get a head start on the manifesting process, we also demonstrate our commitment and dedication to our goal. By setting the stage to make it easier and more efficient for our goal to manifest, we not only get into the feeling of what we want to create, we also increase our chances of creating it. When we show our confidence in our goals manifesting, our behaviors and actions exemplify that confidence, which is what allows for our manifestations to ultimately thrive.

Consequently, if you want to buy your dream home or take your dream trip, don’t worry about the funds, timing, or circumstances right now. Think, instead, about what kind of house you want, what kind of design, and what kind of neighborhood you want to live in. Think about the places to which you want to go, the activities you want to do, the sights you want to see, and the experiences that you want to have. Get into all of the details, just like you would do if you already had all of the right resources and conditions in place to do all of these things today. What would you do if everything that you needed to manifest your desires already existed? What would be your next step? Surely you would take some preparatory steps before jumping into taking full action. So why not start with some of those steps right now?

As such, get yourself into the mindset of success (but also the feeling of certainty around your success), and the way to manifesting that success, in any way, shape, or form that you choose to define it, will inevitably show up for you. Trust in your visions and allow yourself to dream big. Then go do anything within your power right now that will take you even one step closer to the goal at hand.


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