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The Purpose of the Physical Experience

Everything in life is an expression of who we are. And that, in summary, is exactly the reason for why we are here, i.e., to express the totality of who we are right here in this physical world. However, sometimes when we are in the midst of living our physical lives we forget that our physical existence is actually intended to be a canvas for our imagination to thrive. Every day we are given the opportunity to bring heaven down to earth, to merge the unseen with the tangible. The question is, how many of us truly realize this opportunity, and how many of us are actually doing something to seize it?

Life is meant to be lived beyond just the hypothetical. Meaning, our thoughts can only take us so far here on this earthly plane and, while our thoughts are indeed the foundation of our manifested reality, we cannot ignore the physical aspects involved in creating the experiences that we ultimately want to have. Consequently, we need to start bringing the power of our mind into the palpable experience, for it is in this that we will recognize and enact our true purpose in life.

We get so distracted by what we call life, by our daily routines, and by the happenings of the outside world, that we sometimes forget why we are doing any of this in the first place. Are we really here to argue? Are we really here to judge one another? Are we really here to suffer? Or are all of these afflictions simply self-inflicted “happenstances”? And if our conditions are of our own making, then we have to ask ourselves, “What can we choose to create and experience instead?”

Each one of us came here for a very important reason. The question we have to ask ourselves, however, is, “Are we being true to that purpose, or have we strayed from our path?” But you only need to look into your own heart to find the answers you seek. And that can be both the easiest and the hardest thing to do. Even so, the alternative of living only half as full of a life than you were meant to live can certainly be motivation enough.

The physical reality in which we live is intended as a place for us to exercise our creative capabilities, not succumb to our preconceived and imagined limitations. In truth, we are as free as we decide to be, as authentic as we choose to be, and as mindful as we want to be. The physical experience is sacred and magical because it shows us how powerful we are at creating our own reality. And the more mindful and purposeful we can be while we are here, the more serendipitous and magical our experiences will feel.

For me, the tangible experience is something that I truly value, and always have. Maybe it’s because my senses have always been on high that I notice things so precisely. But I love being mindful of all of my senses as they guide me to explore every joyous aspect of my existence here on earth. The aroma of fresh brewed coffee, watching a beautiful sunset on the lake, hearing the birds chirping and the wind rustling through the leaves, touching soft silky fabrics, feeling droplets of cool rain on my face on a hot summer's eve, luxuriating in the taste of my favorite foods, these (and more) are all mindful experiences that I choose to have because I am aware of their gifts. You see, we can always just wolf down a sandwich on our way to somewhere else, or obsess over our worries even in the midst of beautiful surroundings, but it is how we choose to experience our physical reality, and what we choose to create within it, that will determine the true quality of our lives.

So, how do you want to spend your time here in this physical world? How are you choosing to perceive yourself within it? And are you doing everything that you possibly can to help create the life that you desire to live? All it takes is simple acknowledgment and then simple action, one moment and one experience at a time.


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