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Why I Like to Make My Bed in the Morning

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved my bed. Slipping beneath the covers, feeling the smooth sheets beneath my body, I feel enveloped by the warmth. And as I pull up my duvet, fluff my pillows, and settle into a peaceful slumber, I feel a sense of calm wash over me, knowing that my bed is there to bring me into another day.

Upon waking, I throw off my duvet and top sheet, I put on my slippers, I don my robe, and I go to brush my teeth. But all the while that I am getting myself washed up for the day, I feel like something is not complete. I know that if I left my bed unmade for the day, I would go through my whole day feeling somewhat disheveled. I would feel like I had unfinished business to take care of and that my slate had not been wiped clean. Making my bed in the morning makes me feel like a new dawn has come and that I am ready to embark on my adventures once again, knowing full well that my fluffy, comfy bed will be waiting for me when I get home.

I kind of feel the same way when I leave dirty dishes in the sink before bed or before I leave the house. That feeling of uncompleted energy throws me off and I feel the need to make it right. Now, it is true, some people might call this an element of OCD, and I am not going to completely deny that outright. ;-) However, there is still something calming about knowing that when you get home, the dishes are clean and the bed is made and you don't have those extra steps to take before you can finally unwind.

Making my bed in the morning sets my day. And thinking about the comfortable arrangement that I have awaiting me when I am ready to go off to sleep once again, that makes me feel at ease.

Now, when making the bed you're going to come across some pretty heft decisions like, tuck or no tuck, throw pillows or no pillows, throw blanket or bareback. I know, I know, these are tough decisions, but they will need to be made. In all seriousness, though, it's not really about making tight corners or using picture perfect ensembles. Instead, it is simply about creating an energy that feels just right to you, the Goldilocks effect, if you will. There is no right or wrong way of doing it either; really, it's more symbolic than anything. So choose what feels right to you and then go for it.

But if you do want to make your bedroom feel more hotel-like and luxurious, here are some tips to make it feel a little more polished and special:

- Choose a duvet set that feels plush, something that feels luxurious and enticing to you. I like the white palette with hints of silver and/or gold, as it feels light and clean to me (plus you know when it's time to wash). Additionally, luxury hotels tend to use white everything, perhaps also to inspire this feeling of peace, calm, serenity, and relaxation.

- Choose a color palette for your bed and bedroom. Like I mentioned above, I prefer monochromatic bedroom color schemes with an accent color to pump it up here and there. But you need to feel relaxed and rejuvenated in your own space, so honor your own preferences. If blue feels good to you, find something with blue accents (I like blue too). If yellow is your thing, go for that. Just keep in mind that colors emote, and if you want a peaceful and relaxing sleep, red, for instance, may not be the ideal color of choice, although it might be for other things.

- Make a couple of splurges and don't skimp on the quality. We spend a lot of time in our beds over the years, if we count up the hours, so it is important not to save on the important elements like good quality sheets, comfortable pillows, and a supportive mattress. Find throw pillows that you absolutely love, and even an extra throw or blanket to add some extra warmth and dimension. Choose a good quality duvet too and perhaps even a mattress cover. I use a sheep's wool mattress cover that is reversible between summer and winter months. My duvet is also made of organic sheep's wool, and is an excellent temperature regulator, hypoallergenic, and is even healing to the body. I then chose Oeko Tex certified organic bamboo sheets in white, and wool pillows, as well as an ergonomic pillow for variety. Always have several pillows to choose from so that you find a fit that is perfect for your needs. Many luxury hotels also offer pillow menus because they realize that every person is unique and needs to feel comfortable. I mean, how many times have you needed to pile pillows together because they were too soft, or had a flat rock hard pillow beneath your head? Not too comfy, right?

- Besides your bed, consider other aspects of your slumber. For me, I have added sheep's rugs at my bedside, a Himalayan Salt lamp to clean the air, a noise machine, and a diffuser providing aromatherapy with my favorite scents. But you do as much or as little that feels right to you.

- Finally, make sure that you have everything that you need close at hand. I usually keep a bottle of water, some crystals, and anything else I might need by my bedside. That way if I wake up in the night, I won't need to stumble out of bed in the dark looking for something I need. Too many toes have been stubbed in that process and I have finally learned my lesson. ;-)


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